Only had to revoke two states for it I think

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moncler outlet uk Princes seems to focus really hard on becoming Emperor. Even if you put everything into relations monlcer down jackets and Dip Rep, it seems like you just cannot get that last bit of relations. HRE minors have a huge advantage, they only get 25 from being too small while you as France get 50 for not being part of the empire, HRE princes also get a bonus for being in the same (german) moncler outlet online culture group. That, and minors seems to moncler outlet store max out relations all the time. There also seems to be one point where Austria just gets 80, I have moncler outlet sale no clue why though. moncler outlet uk

moncler outlet store Honestly all I did was kicking the Ottomans until they were gone, then buy moncler jackets attacked Genoa for his Crimean lands and took Genoa and Albenga, invaded Iberia (which was really annoying since Spain was allied to France) and that was basically https://www.mymoncleroutlet.com moncler sale it. I did cultureconvert Anatolia, the Levant and parts of egypt to greek (just for fun at first) and then shifted to greek culture. Only had to revoke two states for it I think. Took unrestricted conquest and that was it moncler outlet store

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cheap moncler jackets Expansion in the low countries, italy and germany does not have to be slow. Remember that cheap moncler sale you have the biggest, baddest army in europe. Just cicle truces, because a nation that you a) have a truce with, b) are at war with or c) is in a coalition cheap moncler jackets against a coalition against you. Also, if you plan on going for the full inheritance, ALLY Burgundy at gamestart, feed them, fight of their coalitions until 1470 or so, then rival them, declare on them and wait for the cheap moncler outlet Cheap Moncler inheritance. That way you moncler sale outlet get all the land you fed them without ever having to fight a coalition war for it. cheap moncler jackets

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cheap moncler jackets sale R5: Alright, here what happened. I made Ainu a Tributary (Diplomatically). A few Months later I get called into a war against their ally Korea. So since I want to take their land at some point anyways I mark all their territory as vital interest after accepting the CTA. When they get peaced out, it says that I will get two provinces from then, they will also become a tributary of me again. They DO become a Tributary again, but they keep their provinces. cheap moncler jackets sale

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moncler sale outlet You have to declare on the Ottos as soon as cheap moncler coats possible before they can grow, allying Byzantium and feeding them (not too much though)is important because otherwise the Ottomans just get moncler outlet 50 free dev. Declare soon and watch your and your allies tech levels, I declared moncler mens jackets in 1453 if I remember correctly. If Hungary does not want any Ottoman land it a cheap moncler restart, at least for me. The fort in Selanik is usually mothballed unless he just got out of a war. you can take it for some easy warscore moncler sale outlet.

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